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It is difficult to sum-up health advice for everyone.  But, from the naturopathic viewpoint, even these five basic points improve life so much that to follow them, assign one per finger each day, will easily improve your life and life-span by 80%.  Even without all the facts at-hand, follow the simple truths … …




1 – Cut down on crap (thumb) – red meat, dairy products, sugary / salty / processed foods Prevent sugar / processed carb rushes into                           bloodstream which rock your metabolic and mentation (brain activity [mood, concentration, memory, etc]) boat and the body stores as fat. Inflamed fat (newly acknowledged as an endocrine tissue itself, due to all of the negative hormone / inflammation it puts forth – not good, grey, useful, functional fat.

Red meat and dairy are so well know to cause disease it is trite to say cut down, but cut-down

    1. Added ingredients toxify food (coloring, sugars, plasticizers, carregeenen, some preservatives, etc.) Supplement sweets for honey, panela & juices. Salt can be reduced with vinegar and lemon/lime juices. Carbo rushes unset the normal sugear levels in blood and become unwanted fat.  Cheap vegetable fats do not contribute to nerve tissue or protect vascular system
    2. Packaging may release toxins, especially when food is cooked (microwave, ugh) in plastic
    3. Pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants stored in raising meat (water, soil, feeds, air) or vegetal produce
  1. Eat prebiotics with every meal (index finger) – fruits, vegetables, salads and other fiber. Raw or steamed foods are usually best
    1. Probiotics need prebiotics to thrive
    2. You do not extract nutrients from healthful foods without healthy probiotics (gut microbes [microbiota]) from prebiotics
    3. You assist the digestive tract (peristalsis) and greasy sludge type foodsspeed through more readily
    4. Even after a rich meal of meat, white bread & greasy cooked dishes (and dessert) – eat fruit, salad, karrots, etc. within an hour
  2. Use probiotics (middle finger) – A high-quality supplement helps but, kimchi, home-made yogurt, sauerkraut are essential
    1. The link to our intelligence, memory, tolerance, steady/solid/stable nature, etc. is exactly linked to our microbiome’s health
    2. We need hundreds to thousands of different microbes to extract the vitamins, minerals & trace elements from food
    3. The micronutrients only microbes can give us are essential for each different cell
      1. Each cell has different requirements
      2. 70% of brain signals come from the gut – send positive thinking, physical strength/stamina & living criteria upstairs
      3. Eating fruit/veges/salads from organic farms that do not “wash” with chlorine enables us to gather many, varying and adaptive, healthy microbes = rich gut microbiotic population capable of extracting food’s goodness
  3. Mental Hygiene must be practiced (ring finger) – good social interaction relaxation, meditation, exercise, yoga, etc.
    1. And did I mention meditation.?!  Deep breaths taken several times/day, flexing a little yoga style all day
    2. Do not bargain with yourself to give-up sleep to earn more $$$, enhance social life, or for reason except special occasion
    3. You will be better at everything including judgement / temperament / concentration / memory
    4. 1-2 alcoholic (etOH) drinks/day reduces all incidence of chronic disease. Physiology of this is not yet known but the de-stressing, decompressing of the worried, anxious, can-never-catch-up modern mind is soothed.  But, beware of etOH used in excess – rated on a “U” sahped curve – chronic illness is high with non, dips down with some and soars back up with excessive drinking
  4. Exercise (pinky finger) – can be meditative or easily integrated with mental hygiene and positive social activity
    1. Adding multi-muscle / multi-joint exercises helps keep joints healthy, ligaments and tendons with tone to prevent sprain/strain
    2. Push some weight to maintain bone density and stimulate youthful hormones
    3. Sport = cameraderie, playfulness, agility, faster recovery from illness, stress relief
    4. Exercise helps sleep, mental hygiene, memory, awareness30 minutes brisk walk, 3 times per week prolongs life six years on average                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                http://organicmedicalfood.com/5-points-that-matter/

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