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Vitality Works (VW) is a company with highly responsible, moral and ethical ownership.  The formulations are based upon successes in clinical practice by the Medical Herbalist, Mitch Coven.   Very close to the concepts which Ethnobotany, Naturopathic medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese medicine and other therapeutic phenomena follow, natural substances are paired to disease states to prevent, reverse or treat them.

We always seek the consult of physicians and do not replace our founded medical practice or system but compliment it and provide alternatives for individuals and their integrative medical specialists.  All the while we may be drawing from thousands of years of health care wisdom which existed long before the scientific foundation of our Western,  biomedical, or allopathic medical system.

Interestingly, in reflection of how flora, fauna and other earthly substances became accepted “cures”, or treatments for disease, it is only after replicable benefit that the knowledge of such therapies are revered and passed along in purpose, continuation, over time.   This is, in fact, very close to the modern medical model of evidence-based approaches in theory and more so, aligned with the scientific model in practice – if a hypothesis is proven to bring forth consistent results or outcomes over a number of trials (experiments) and in medicine, over a great number of the given populace, it may be accepted as theory.

As the greater majority of medicines are derived from plants, drugs are often synthesized according to plant-originated compounds or modified/improved from plant-based compounds.  Recently, the use of natural substances is upwelling as often being safer, more cost-effective and bringing lower side-effects to the metabolism than many conventional pharmaceuticals.

VW Facts:  

Very few VW ingredients are not certified organic.

Even the few imports from China are tested for 300 pesticides.

Harvests of wild herbs are mostly from herb farms.

When they are endangered in wild herb collections the resources used are all organically grown.

Hands-on herbal  gardens are family owned and operated and plants are harvested at the peak of potency and sustainability of lands.

All processes are standardized.


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